The Miracle of Ciudad Juarez

The Miracle of Ciudad Juarez

From Life to Death

Once held hostage to violence and corruption by drug lords and cartels, today Ciudad Juárez is experiencing a renewal so dramatic that not only is it no longer the world’s murder capital, but it is now one of the safest cities in all of Mexico. As the streets of Juárez have been reclaimed, laughter can once again be heard in the parks and open spaces.

Homicides have decreased by 80%, Kidnappings have been eliminated 100% and extortions are down 90%

Carlos Salas, Former State Attorney General

How did this transformation begin? With prayer. And those prayers are being answered…even the highest government authorities testify to that!

Watch the latest installment of this incredible ongoing transformation story and be inspired about what God wants to do in your city!

Pr. Poncho Murguia and a delegation from Juarez will present at our 25th Annual Global Conference in San Francisco – Silicon Valley, October 3-7, 2016

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