Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin – The Spirit of Adoption

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin – The Spirit of Adoption

In this message shared at our International conference in Argentina 2008, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, Senior Pastor of The Potter House International Ministries in Jacksonville, FL shares from his own personal journey beginning from recognizing his own spiritual orphanhood despite the external success to the healing that took place when he received the spirit of adoption.

All I can say is that there was a before Vaughn and an after Vaughn. Receiving the spirit of adoption, and asking Dr. Ed Silvoso, who I already had a close relationship with, to adopt me and father me, transformed me, transformed my marriage, transformed my business, transformed our church. It changed everything.

—Francis Oda

The spirit of God moved so powerfully through this message. It was an undeniable change in our movement that did more to accelerate the transformation movement than anything we had experienced prior.