Happy Valentine’s Day – The Making Of!

Happy Valentine’s Day – The Making Of!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

God loves romance! Teo and I had the privilege of filming a wonderful little Valentine’s Day Greeting from Ed and Ruth Silvoso. I wanted to share it with you. You will learn how to give your significant other the Valentine’s gift he or she desires the most! I have seen these simple truths that Ed and Ruth articulate so well transform couples from distant and hopeless and unhappy to intimate, happy and vibrant with hope! Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch this amazing video!

Watch this Video!

We also recorded a super fun “Making Of” video to give you a glimpse behind the scenes into some of what we do. You have to watch it also, it’s the best!

Help Change the World!

Last year I shared with you how Sandra and I along with our family, took the step of faith to believe God for my entire salary to come from the funds we raised directly so we did not need to receive funds from the general fund. Since we took that step of faith, God has come through! We set a goal to raise $40k in end of year giving, while we were not able to reach that goal, through your generous partnership we were able to raise just over $25,000! That was an excellent year end campaign. We still have a ways to go to cover our full budget for 2017, but we are off to a good start!


If you where not able to contribute in the year end campaign, you missed that opportunity and 2016 is gone forever, but please, DON’T PANIC, you can still contribute! Just click here, and make sure to select “Ted Hahs Ministry” as your area of giving. If you are not already doing so please consider becoming a regular financial partner, even a modest contribution make a big difference as your support dollar help us change the world!

Do You Need a Miracle?

In addition to making awesome videos, I also lead a network of amazing intercessors across the Bay Area and beyond. We connect every Thursday from noon until 1PM to pray for miracles and transformation. Do you need a miracle? Send me a message on facebook. We want to pray for you because you are God’s agent of transformation, and your crisis is his opportunity to show his glory in your life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Learn to Give Your Spouse What They Really Want