What Does Easter Mean to You?

As we get ready to celebrate this Easter weekend, the highest holiday in our Christian faith, Teo and I wanted to share with you this video we created exploring what Easter means to us. Jesus never gave up in his goal of redeeming us. He loved us to the very end. He gave everything. When Read More

Ask of Me – Prayer Devotional by Ted Hahs We’ve heard it said many times, I cannot disciple a nation because I am not in government. So can a stay at home mom or man working as a janitor in a small town disciple a nation? Absolutely! The only requirement is to ask. Ted Hahs leads us in a short Devotional taken from Read More

I Just Found Out My Dad Has Been Incarcerated

What do you do if you are 16 years old and you find out your dad is incarcerated for kidnapping and domestic violence? Jesus has an answer. Watch this video to hear the wisdom and grace of God coming from my good friend and basketball player, Devin Lee as he deals with some tough things Read More

What Your Partnership with Transform Our World™ is Doing – 2016! How does your investment into Transform Our World™ change society? Check out this video to see highlights. Click here to make your donation into the movement! Read More

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin – The Spirit of Adoption In this message shared at our International conference in Argentina 2008, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, Senior Pastor of The Potter House International Ministries in Jacksonville, FL shares from his own personal journey beginning from recognizing his own spiritual orphanhood despite the external success to the healing that took place when he received the spirit of Read More

Transformation in the Silicon Valley Transformation is beginning to happen in Silicon Valley. Watch this inspiring documentary on transformation in Vallejo, in Valley Christian School and more.   Read More


“You cannot change what you do not love.” Students, apply this to your school. Here’s 3 things you can do as you return to school this year: 1.EMBRACE. God has placed you in your school to be salt and light. Don’t reject your school, embrace it as your God-given assignment. Speak peace and blessings over Read More

Hello world!

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