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5 Pivotal Paradigms for Transformation

There are five pivotal paradigms essential for sustainable transformation to take place, each of which we will examine in detail in the chapters ahead (see Transformation).

Sharpening the Arrows of Our Quiver—An Interview With Louisa Wendorff

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them; They will not be ashamed When they speak with their enemies in the gate.

-Psalm 127:4-5


Not everybody realizes that the most catalytic of the Founding Fathers – Alexander Hamilton – was an immigrant. In fact, he was the only one not born here but on an island in the Caribbean. He could not claim any of the colonies as home, and it was that sense of national orphanhood that drove

Transformational Love Meets the Needs of the Hungry

In today's economy, more and more of us know what it's like to worry about where our next meal will come from. A recent USDA study found that in 2011, nearly 15% of U.S. households experienced some level of food insecurity. That's 1 in 7, the highest ever recorded.


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Transformation NOW — Newark, NJ

Imagine a city where every street, every school, every business, every government building has been adopted in prayer. This is happening in the city of Newark, New Jersey.

More specifically, every street in the city has been adopted for daily prayer and those prayers are dramatically changing the spiritual climate!

This city, once know as the murder capital of the U.S., is now experiencing social, economic, and spiritual transformation and the results speak for themselves.

Geoff and Salina Poon – Amen Papa

Amen Papa is the unabashedly Christian fashion brand making waves in Hong Kong and throughout the Asian fashion scene. They use fashion as the canvas to display the word of God and they are the hippest thing happening. We believe in the raw power of God’s word… Geoff Poon Watch this inspiring presentation by Geoff

Uprooting Corruption in Thailand

Thailand is a nation known for corruption on every level. Bribery and kickbacks are a fact of life and, for many people, the only way to get anything done. However, this situation is not irreversible, however, as demonstrated by the transformational attitudes of the people of Phuket. The changes that are happening there are evidence that God is moving to uproot corruption in Thailand and eliminate systemic poverty.

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin – The Spirit of Adoption

In this message shared at our International conference in Argentina 2008, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, Senior Pastor of The Potter House International Ministries in Jacksonville, FL shares from his own personal journey beginning from recognizing his own spiritual orphanhood despite the external success to the healing that took place when he received the spirit of adoption.

Transformation in the Silicon Valley

Transformation is beginning to happen in Silicon Valley. Watch this inspiring documentary on transformation in Vallejo, in Valley Christian School and more.